Talking about the design of steel structure


 Sino-Source steel structure talks about the advantages of high strength, light weight and excellent mechanical function of steel. Therefore, steel structure is a kind of structure to observe reality. In particular, the development of modern architecture is more and more developed in the direction of “high, fine and deep”. The steel structure is able to deal with the problem of the reluctance of the conventional reinforced concrete structure, so the steel structure is increasingly used. However, because the cross-sectional area of the steel structure is small, in order to improve the straightness of the section, from the economical hardness, the steel structure section is often designed as a thin-walled and developed section. Therefore, compared with the reinforced concrete structure, the stability is the steel structure design. It is especially the main form, and even the decisive factor. The elements that do not need to be stable are multi-faceted, and there are some uncertain factors, so that our design works under many assumptions. In addition, the cross-section composition and connection form of the steel structure is much simpler than that of the reinforced concrete structure. Therefore, the design idea of the steel structure plays an indispensable role in the design.


Steel structure design should firstly determine whether the structure can be used as a practical steel structure. At present, steel structure construction is changing a kind of architectural fashion, and modern observation of famous buildings is simply inseparable from steel knots. Although the steel structure has many advantages, it has high profit and is not fire-resistant. Once a fire breaks out, the measurement is better than 600U, and the steel structure is completely loaded. Normally, high-rise buildings, large spans, simple shapes, large dynamic loads, high sealing requirements, requests for activities, and assembly and disassembly of buildings, etc., use steel structures, but are not as fast as steel structures.


It is affirmed that the use of steel structure, the selection of the structure of the operational structure and the deployment of the structure, in a certain process, should emphasize "conceptual design", especially for some difficult to accurately analyze the sensitivity or standard irregularities, according to From the structural connection between the structural system and the analysis system, the mechanism of damage, the damage caused by the earthquake, the experimental reasons and the engineering experience, the global hardness is used to affirm the structure deployment and detailed measures. In short, it is necessary for the economy to properly choose the structural plan. It is necessary to choose a practical and feasible structural method and structural system. When it is redundant, it can also plan and operate more observations. After the structure is definitely up, the initial budget of the section of the component is required. The key is the assumption of the cross-sectional shape and size of the raft, column and support. For example, steel beams can be used for channel steel, H-section steel sections, etc. The height of the beam section can also be chosen between l/'20~l/50 of the span. In particular, it should be noted that corresponding to the opposite structure, the requirements for the construction of the section in the standard are quite different. For example, all the stability problems of the plate members of the steel component are limited in the standard of the general steel and the light steel standard. There is a big difference in the value of the above forms in the current form, the selected structure to operate structural analysis and engineering conclusions. The easy structure can be analyzed through hand-operated operational structures, and the simple structure requires modeling of the operational procedures and detailed structural analysis. There is a certain distance between the intended design and the accurate mechanical design. In order to lose the design method of use, sometimes the assumption of error is used to some project budget or some experience method, although in design, this error The structure will be guaranteed by the "practical conditions, concepts and constructions, but the concept design and engineering discrimination should be emphasized here. After that, the connection design and component design of the inlet structure can be made. The connection design of the steel structure is also incomparable. In addition, the quality of the connection design is inconsistent with the use of structures. For example, regarding bridges, the key acceptance is dynamic loads, so the design should be excessively protected against rivets and bolts. The world's first cross-bridge, two rainbows at the upper end of the Lupu Bridge in Shanghai The arch ribs are made of one-to-one steel box riveting. Tens of thousands of pieces of technical support are required for a certain design. The installation request is also extremely high. The error is extremely small in the whole structure design and installation process. The design should be based on the engineering grade and economic conditions of the practice, and the insurance is still the first. The design of the piece is based on the design of the beam, plate, column and support according to the "Steel Structure Design Standard". The "Steel Structure Design Standard" adopts the limit form method based on the probability practice. The key is from the ultimate shape and deformity of the bearing power. The extreme form of the departure operation design, the design focus is on the design of stability.


The first thing to achieve is the preparation of the drawings, and the steel structure is designed in two stages: the design of the drawing and the detailed drawing of the installation. The former design depth and form should be intact but not redundant. The basis for the design process, data, data, and structure deployment should be clearly defined. The latter can also be prepared by the steel structure production company according to the design drawing. In the future, the rapid development of machine technology requires a quick and accurate design planning tool for structural design. However, as a designer relies on software that cannot be over-fired, human design should be a design with its own thinking and a conceptual design.